Triple distillation the perfect taste of real mezcal

los amantes Joven

Super Premium Mezcal

Bottled fresh from distillation, Los Amantes Joven has light cucumber aromas that intermingle witha salty, citrusy quality giving its complex palate of fresh citrus characteristics with a delicate smokiness.

› Production details:
  • NOM: 001
  • Agave Source: Espadin, fully ripe (10 years) / Tlacolula Valley, Oaxaca
  • Cooking: Traditional conic wood/volcanic stone ovens for 72 hrs.
  • Milling: Traditional stone wheel process
  • Water source: Natural spring (Tlacolula)
  • Fermentation: Natural in wooden vats
  • 1st Distillation: Stainless steel still
  • 2nd Distillation: Copper still
  • 3nd Distillation: Stainless steel still
  • Bottles: Green crystal with unique design
  • Proof: 80 (40% ABV)

BTI (Beverage Testing Institute).

Gold Medal / 94 Points

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