A limited edition of mezcal made from wild agaves

los amantes Silvestres

Super Premium Mezcal

Our line of silvestres is a series of wild agaves growing in the mountains of Oaxaca. These are unique, small-batch production with complex vegetal notes comprising of roots, earth and fresh air from the surrounding terroir. No two batches will ever be the same.

› Production details:
  • NOM: 001
  • Agave Source: Wild Agaves
  • Cooking: Traditional conic wood/volcanic stone oven for 72 hrs.
  • Milling: Traditional stone wheel process
  • Water source: Natural spring (Tlacolula)
  • Fermentation: Natural in wooden vats
  • 1st Distillation: Stainless steel still
  • 2nd Distillation: Copper still
  • Bottles: Green crystal with unique design
  • Proof: 90 (45% ABV)

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